Customer-Focused Content Marketing for B2B and SaaS Companies

Create and supercharge your inbound marketing flywheel with customer-focused content that compels your audience to come in and stick with you.

Why Choose Me?

It already goes without saying that content is undeniably important if you’re a B2B digital service provider or a SaaS company. So, to cut right to the chase, here’s why you should choose me specifically for your content needs:

  • Customer-Focused Content Strategies
  • Experience and Relevant Background
  • Familiarity With the Content Requirements of B2B and SaaS Companies
  • Flexible and Result-Driven Workflow Optimized Just For You

Customer-Focused Content Strategies

When the average marketer needs topic ideas, they turn to SEO tools and check for keywords that have the potential for high ROI. While isn’t bad, most end up just writing for Google, not your customers.

Instead of cooking up tactics based only on numbers from KW and SEO tools, I really get to know your ideal customers. I put them at the center of the strategy and then create content that drives desired action.

Experience and Relevant Background

In the last ~5 years, I have written upwards of two million words of content in ebooks, long-form articles, case studies, and almost everything else in between. Many of them have gone on to rank on the first page of Google’s SERP and drive hundreds of thousands of views and engagements.

With regards to my background, I studied communication for four years in the university. There, among several other things, I gained knowledge and practical experience interviewing subject matter experts to produce accurate and detailed content.

Familiarity With the Content Requirements of B2B and SaaS

Since I delved into content marketing, I have honed my research and writing skills for B2B and SaaS companies to the point where the technicalities of creating content for B2B and SaaS products/services are pretty much second nature to me. 

Flexible and Result-Driven Workflow Optimized Just For You

80% increase in client revenue. 115,000+ views and engagements generated from a marketing campaign. 200% increase in web traffic. All these are statistics in my repertoire from past projects but they all mean nothing if I am unable to work with you smoothly.

I understand that you have goals and KPIs that need to be met. That’s why I take on every new project, not as an independent contractor looking to make a few extra bucks, but as a professional who’s truly concerned about your growth.

You can expect excellent and prompt communication throughout the process, a relentless drive to exceed expectations, and the freedom to decide exactly what you want and have it delivered.

Customer-Focused Content Marketing Redefined

When most content marketing teams talk about creating content with their customers in mind, they usually mean writing for a fairly large group of people who might find their topics informative but might not necessarily need their product/service. I re-examined the old processes and developed a framework for creating customer-focused content that truly drives growth.

Trusted Partners

Brands I’ve Worked With

Here are a few brands that have admired my work enough to collaborate with me or feature my work over the years.

Business Insider Africa
Insight Publicis
Media Gearheads

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. But it Doesn’t Have to Be.

Here’s How I Can Help

Content Strategy

I create customer-focused strategies to guide your content creation and distribution process and enable your brand achieve its content and revenue goals in the most sustainable way possible.

Content Audit

By conducting a comprehensive audit of your existing content, I get a feel of what’s working and what isn’t. I use the information to determine which pieces of content need to be reworked for better performance.

Competitor Analysis

With the appropriate software and manual sweeps of your competitor’s distribution channels, I identify untapped opportunities to engage your customers and even beat your competition at their own game.

Customer Research

With a mix of customer interviews, conversations with the sales and customer success teams, and a study of relevant data, I gain valuable insight into what works for your customers and map out a winning strategy.

Editorial Calendar

I ensure consistency in the content creation and publication process by creating an editorial calendar complete with topic clusters and ideas derived from extensive research and brainstorms to drive your content marketing workflow.

Content Distribution Plan

Content is only good when it’s seen by your ideal customers. So, I identify appropriate channels for distribution based on customer research conducted earlier and create a distribution plan to get your content where it needs to be.

Segun’s engagement with us started out with a 6-month commitment. In that time, he created an impressive content strategy that truly shaped our inbound marketing efforts with enough content ideas and topic clusters to last us months. I do think this has been a fruitful partnership. Overall, I’m happy with the work that Oluwasegun produced for us. The research is solid, the content ideas are spot on, and it is clear that he spent a lot of time on each piece. What’s more, his communication throughout the process was professional and timely, making it easy to work with him as required.

Andrew Fraine

Co-founder, Automata

Content Creation

I execute existing or newly developed strategies by creating outstanding long-form content across the different stages of your customer’s journey to educate, engage, and drive action.

Long-form Articles

I attract and engage your potential customers by guiding them through each stage of their journey, helping them understand their problems and pain points, their solutions and how your company fits into the big picture. 


Using a mixture of intricately researched facts and relevant statistics, key insights from SMEs, and a stellar design, I create in-depth e-books covering industry-related topics for your customers to be used as determined  by the content strategy.

Case Studies

In the middle and bottom of the funnel, I help your knowledge and information-thirsty customers see exactly why they should pick your product by showcasing your achievements with previous customers and business partners. 


While your audience considers multiple solutions and weighs your company against your competitors, I create excellent comparisons that help you stand out from competing products and services.

Web Content

I identify opportunities to flawlessly align your messaging – as outlined in your content strategy – with your web content to help your audience better understand your value proposition in no time.

We partnered with Segun for well over a year to create content for our clients. His writing and versatility with content is excellent, he always seemed to ask the right questions before working on briefs and he required almost no review on the vast majority of his work before publication. It didn’t take long before he was assimilated into the company as a fulltime Managing Editor and, all things considered, it would be a pleasure to keep working with him. I would certainly recommend.

Aleks Ivan

CEO, Media Gearheads

Content Distribution

My content distribution services leverage owned and paid channels as well as a guiding content distribution plan to ensure that your content gets to your target audience no matter where they are.

Content Publication

Leveraging a deep knowledge of on-page SEO, expertise with the WordPress CMS and access to tools to optimize content for readability and SEO, I publish content that has higher chances of getting seen and, most importantly, read.

Content Repurposing

Understanding fully that your audience hangs out in more than one part of the internet, I repackage content for various social and digital platforms to ensure that your high-value content assets don’t go unseen.

Guest Posting

I work with your budget to identify relevant publications and opportunities for guest posts to increase traffic to your site, improve your domain authority and ranking through high-quality backlinks, etc. 

Segun’s writing and ability to create great content has clearly evolved over the years and he has established himself as a professional in the content marketing field. It’s the reason we were happy to accept him as a contributing writer on Business Insider Africa and would always be happy to give his expertise and thought leadership pieces an audience.

Victor Oluwole

Head & Editor, Business Insider Africa

How We Can Work Together

One-Off Projects

    • Detailed outline for each piece of content
    • Minimum of 2 long-form articles per month
    • Case study, guest post and/or e-book as required
    • Strategy and onboarding calls with team members
    • Interview calls with subject matter experts as required
    • On-page SEO for content where applicable
    • 3 rounds of reviews within first 14 days of delivery

Great For: Companies with an existing strategy and a marketing team in need of extra support executing their content plans.

Engagement Duration: Maximum of two months. Orders exceeding two months would be evaluated and priced depending on work requirement.

Pricing: Starts at $300 per thousand words on each piece of long-form content.

**Possible discounts available for small businesses upon confirmation of company size and revenue.

**Custom pricing in local currency available for Nigerian companies upon confirmation of company location.


    • In-depth 6-month content strategy
    • Detailed outline for each piece of content
    • Minimum of 4 long-form articles per month
    • Case studies, guest posts, and/or e-books as required
    • Strategy and onboarding calls with team members
    • Interview calls with subject matter experts as required
    • On-page SEO for content where applicable
    • Unlimited rounds of reviews during engagement period
    • Content publication through preferred CMS platform
    • Content audit and revamping as required
    • Monthly monitoring and reporting
    • Content distribution via repurposing for two social platforms. Others to be determined on a case-by-case basis.
    • Topic clusters and suggestions to match duration of engagement
    • Ongoing adjustments to content strategy based on new discoveries in audience research
    • Assistance recruiting content specialists offering other content formats (videos, podcasts, stunning visual designs, etc.) as required

Great For: Companies without an existing strategy or a solid marketing team in need of help creating and executing an in-depth strategy.

Engagement Duration: Minimum of six months. Contracts can be renewed afterward or cancelled with notice a month prior.

Pricing: Starts at $3500 per month for the services offered above.

**Possible discounts available for small businesses upon confirmation of company size and revenue.

**Custom pricing in local currency available for Nigerian companies upon confirmation of company location.

Custom Packages

Need something that’s not covered in either of the service listings and pricings above? Or you’d like to make any type of adjustment to the information detailed in either of the tables above? Reach out with details of your requirements and we’ll let you know how we can work with you. 

Great For: Companies who need a little bit more or less than the defined content marketing services above.

Engagement Duration: Is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Pricing: Is determined on a case-by-case basis.

**Possible discounts available for small businesses upon confirmation of company size and revenue.

**Custom pricing in local currency available for Nigerian companies upon confirmation of company location.

Should We Work Together?

I’d love to help you out but my services aren’t for everyone. Check below to see if we’re a fit.

  • You believe that content marketing is important to customer acquisition and retention in B2B and SaaS companies
  • You understand that content marketing is a long-term investment intended to provide results that compound overtime
  • You see the value of the work being put in or you are open to learning about it
  • You don’t mind trying out bold new content ideas occasionally
  • You’re a B2B company offering digital services or an SaaS company and you have a marketing budget or are open to creating one
  • You want content that would provide several thousand views and leads in a snap but with no real plan or time for content to truly take effect
  • You see no need whatsoever to invest in content and you’re only thinking about it because everyone is talking about it
  • You don’t believe that independent contractors should be given autonomy over their work and you’d much rather micromanage every step of the way
  • You’re not a B2B company offering digital services or a SaaS company and you’re merely looking for a writer to complete random writing tasks like personal emails, business plans or one-off social media captions, among others

Let’s Create Something Your Customers Would Truly Love!

I help B2B companies offering digital services and SaaS brands to create and execute customer-focused content strategies that drive growth. 


Content Strategy

Content Creation

Content Distribution


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